6 Essential Components Of An Effective Online B2B Marketing Program

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Keeping the sales pipeline filled with quality leads is a never-ending task for the B2B marketer that is not getting easier. And as buyers increasingly demand solutions as well as products, marketers need to be alert and attract customers with more than direct sales messages.

To help B2B marketers with the development of a successful B2B online marketing program Circles Studio has created an outline, in infographic format, that breaks the online marketing program down into six essential components: strategy, content marketing, traffic generation, lead generation, lead management, and analytics and measurement.

The infographic highlights the importance of developing a strategy that focuses on prospects and customers and is aligned with the business goals and objectives, before getting into tactical details. Circles Studio notes that 64% of CMO’s have either an informal or no process to manage and automate their marketing programs.

Although the outline includes essential components of an online B2B marketing program it leaves out native advertising as part of social media and the importance of integration and alignment of paid, earned and owned media. The latter requires consistent messaging and design across channels and all activities and devices. This journey between devices, channels and media becomes increasingly complex.

B2B online marketing program infographic