Less Than Half Of Content Marketers Have A Documented Content Management Strategy

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Less than half of content marketers have a documented content management strategy in place and only one in four can repurpose content without human intervention, according to the latest survey by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) which was aimed to better understand how content marketers are managing their content strategy. The survey findings, which also include the processes content marketers use to create and distribute content and the tools they implement to automate their content management systems, are based on the responses of 411 content marketers representing B2B and B2C organizations. 

Use of Content Marketing

Content marketing has become an essential tool for the vast majority of for-profit and nonprofit organizations, according to the CMI survey. CMI reported that 91% of the survey participants they polled confirmed they used content marketing, and 92% said their organizations view content marketing as a business. Only 5% revealed that their organization did not see content as a business asset.

An earlier, October 2016 report from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs, reported that 86% of B2C marketers in North America said they were using content marketing. Content marketing has also been playing a significant role for B2B marketers for some years. An August 2015 Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs survey found that 88% of B2B marketers were using content marketing. Full infographic at the end of this post.

Content management and strategies

Content Marketing Management

Although 92% of the survey participants confirmed that their organizations viewed content as a business asset, only 46% said they had a documented strategy. Organizations with a documented strategy for managing content as a business asset usually had some form of content management structure, consisting of content management guidelines and processes, in place. This often included style and brand guidelines, used by 70% of the survey participants, customer journey maps (33%), a formal workflow process for planning (53%) and defined customer personas (51%). The CMI survey also showed that only a small minority of organizations had the technology and processes in place to scale the creation, managing, and distribution of content. Only one in four (24%) survey participants said they could always or frequently repurpose content without a great deal of human intervention.

Digital Content Marketing Technologies

When asked about digital content marketing technologies currently being used at their organizations, 76% of the survey participants cited email marketing technology — making it the most widely used marketing technology, followed by content management systems (57%) and content collaboration and workflow software (44%).

45% of survey participants indicated they have the tools in place to manage their content marketing efforts but felt they weren’t using them to their full potential. As a result, there was still a lot of manual work involved in producing, managing and distributing content. 37% of survey participants said their organization was lacking the necessary tools to manage its content marketing efforts effectively.

Content Marketing Management Training and Education

Using content management technology effectively is a significant challenge for many organizations. The CMI survey revealed that getting educated about the technology for managing content as a business asset and building a scalable content strategy was the top-tier educational needs of marketers participating in the survey. Two-thirds (66%) of the organizations polled ranked “How to better use technology to manage content as a business asset” as their greatest educational need in regard to content management. It was the most cited response, followed by 64% who said it was “Building a scalable content strategy” and 46% who mentioned “Mapping the customer journey”.

For-profit and nonprofit marketers are also increasingly investing in artificial intelligence (AI) to help shape their strategies. It is, therefore, no surprise that 37% of organizations polled see learning how to use artificial intelligence as their greatest educational need. “How to set-up and manage a content team” (31%) scored lowest on the educational needs list of content marketers participating in the survey.

Content management strategies

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