Marketers’ Top Digital Marketing Accomplishments and Most Commonly Used Digital Metrics

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More than half (54%) of marketing executives polled by the CMO Council cited “improved digital marketing and online customer engagement” as their top accomplishment in the past 12 months, followed “adjustment of the marketing strategy to support sales and improve selling cycles” (46%). Slightly less than half (45%) of marketers surveyed said that their “ability to roll out new campaigns that advanced the business, brand or customer experience” as their third-best accomplishment. To compile the survey data the CMO Council polled 525 marketing executives from all regions of the world, representing a cross-section of industries and companies of all sizes.

Only 15% of marketers indicated they were able to tackle big data and optimize campaigns using customer analytics and insights in the past year despite the fact that many had the capabilities to acquire rich insights in campaign performance and customer behavior data.

Most Popular Digital Marketing and Online Advertising Metrics

Marketing executives participating in the survey were asked what metrics they track to determine the effectiveness of digital marketing or online advertising campaigns. Familiar metrics top the list. Click-through and conversion rates (51%), page views and time-on-site (50%), site performance (47%), volume, quality and origin of site traffic (42%) and cost per lead/cost per click (38%) were among the top digital marketing metrics. Few marketers were paying attention to revenue measurements such as incremental revenue per customer (14%), value of deals and length of selling cycle (7%).

CMO Confidence

Although past survey results from Forrester Research, 12 to 18 months ago, reported that many marketing executives were having difficulties with the transition to digital marketing, a recent survey by the CMO Council reports that executive marketers are now feeling more positive about their accomplishments.

The overall confidence level of marketing executives has risen over the last 12 months. 81% of the survey participants said they consider themselves trusted strategic C-suite members and that their top-line growth mandate was realistic and attainable. Slightly more than half reported that their departments are growing. 55% are adding headcount and will increase their marketing budgets in the near future. Three-quarters said they received a raise in compensation and are expecting the same in the next 12 months.

Digital marketing metrics and achievements