Majority Of Digital Video Ads Served On Smartphone And Desktop Are Viewed In Combination With Short-Form Video Content

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Most digital video ads viewed on smartphones and desktop or laptop PC’s are served alongside short-form (shorter than 20 min) digital video content, according to the recently released FreeWheel Q3 2015 Video Monetization Report. This observation suggests that digital video viewers are mostly accessing shorter digital video content on these devices.

Digital Video Growth

The report reveals that both digital ad views and video views grew 28% compared to the results of a similar study in Q3 of 2014. The share of video ads served alongside short-form digital video content grew by 9% since Q3 of 2014, and video ads served alongside long-form (20+ min) digital video content increased by 30%. Digital ad views served in combination with live video increased by 113% compared to the same quarter last year.

Digital video advertising stats

Video Ad Share By Video Length And Device

The Q3 2015 research from FreeWheel shows that more than two-thirds (69%) of digital video ad views served by its platform to smartphones occurred while users viewed digital video content shorter than 20 minutes. 59% of digital video ad views on desktop and laptop devices were served while users viewed short-form digital video content. On tablets, digital video ads were more likely served alongside long-form digital video. 43% of digital video ads were served in combination with long-form digital video content, while 41% were served with short-form video content. Nearly two-thirds (61%) of video ad views were served alongside live video via OTT devices.

Preferred Video Viewing Device

Desktops/laptops continued their decline as the preferred digital video viewing device, with a 52% share in Q3 2015, down from a 73% share in Q3 2014. Smartphone video content viewing increased from 14% to 19%, tablets from 7% to 10%, OTT devices from 6% to 13%.

Mid-Roll Ad Format

FreeWheel found that the duration of mid-roll ad breaks continues to expand. Especially live video viewing is becoming more like TV. In Q3 2015, mid-roll ad breaks for live programming were 112 seconds, with 5.4 ads per break, and for on-demand programming 91 seconds with almost 4 ads per break.

Direct versus Programmatic Ad Sales

Direct sold ad deals continued to dominate the premium video market, with only 5.5% of digital video ad views coming from secondary sales channels, according to FreeWheel. As premium digital video continues to grow, we may expect programmatic ad buying to play an increasing role in balancing supply and demand.

The full report can be downloaded here (registration is required).