Forrester/BMA Research: New Roles For 97% Of B2B Marketers; One-Third Of Marketers Overwhelmed Due To Pace Of Change

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With the current rapid changes in marketing is it possible that the pace of change could accelerate even further? According to findings from a recent survey by Forrester Research and the Business Marketing Association (BMA) the answer from top marketers in the B2B space is a resounding yes.

The survey reveals that 97% of b2b marketing leaders feel that marketing now must do work it hasn’t done before, with fewer resources, to be successful. They acknowledge that these new tasks will require new skills going forward and that the pace of relentless change in their worlds is expected to accelerate.

Confronted with shrinking budgets, and unable to find people with the right skills to help them stay ahead of the curve, more than a third of today’s b2b marketers said they simply are overwhelmed.


There are also positive signs related to this. Most marketers appreciate that they have greater input in corporate strategy and have a voice in the executive decision-making process.