By 2014 Adults In US Will Conduct 50% Of Their Interaction With Digital Media And Apps From Mobile

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Digital media usage continues to shift from desktop to mobile. According to new figures from eMarketer and comScore adults in the US, per day, will conduct 50% of their interactions with digital media and apps from their smartphones and tablets. eMarketer defines digital media as all online, mobile and other non-mobile connected-device usage, such as video streamed through over-the-top services.

Time Spend With Digital Media On Mobile and Desktop

eMarketer expects US adults to spend a total of 5 hours 46 minutes with digital media on their desktop/laptop computers and mobile devices daily this year. In 2013, mobile time (excluding voice calls) lined up evenly with time spent online on desktops and laptops, at 2 hours 19 minutes each. This year, mobile will pull far ahead, to 2 hours 51 minutes, versus 2 hours 12 minutes spent online on PCs and laptops.

Time Spend On Digital Content

According to comScore some digital media content categories have now shifted completely from desktop to mobile. Led by category leader Pandora, digital radio now generates more than 96% of its total engagement from mobile devices. The photos managing and sharing category, with key players such as Instagram and Flickr, also attracted 96% of their activity from mobile, followed by mapping (90%), instant messaging applications (90%) and games (86%).Although not at the top of the list, the social media content category is the most important because of it’s digital engagement size.

Mobile desktop digital media and apps usage

Mobile and Desktop Social Media Activities

The continued smartphone and tablet adoption has boosted time spent with social network activities across mobile devices. Social media activities account now for 20% of total digital time spent by adults in the US and 70% of social media activities are happening on mobile, according to comScore.

eMarketer estimates that US adults this year will spend a total of 1 hour and 7 minutes per day on social media activities. 35 minutes of social media per day will be conducted on mobile and 32 minutes on the desktop. Last year, US adults spent 33 minutes of their social media activities on the PC/laptop versus 29 minutes on mobile devices.