Mobile Users Are Split In Their Preference For Mobile Apps Versus Mobile Web

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A new study from mobile app search platform Quixey, among 1,000 US mobile device users, revealed that mobile users are split in their preference for mobile apps versus mobile web applications. 23.1% of mobile users said they favored mobile apps, 19.6% preferred the mobile web and nearly one-third use both ─ mobile apps and mobile web ─ depending on the task they want to perform. One out of four mobile users said surveyed they had no preference.

Mobile Apps

The survey data points out that, ideally, mobile users want all the value of apps, but in an easier, more convenient way. But in today’s app eco-system apps are isolated pieces of software that don’t work together seamlessly with other apps.

Despite of this more than one-third of mobile users who participated in the survey revealed that they liked the “features and functionalities” of apps, including the push notifications and alerts, and that was one of the primary reasons they prefer mobile apps over the mobile web. Users (28.4%) also cited better overall user experience as another reason they prefer mobile apps over the mobile web. But users have also reasons to dislike mobile apps. Quixey found that users disliked mobile apps because they take up too much storage space on their mobile device (26.1%) and have often slow and inconsistent performance (23.6).

Mobile app and mobile web stats

Mobile Web

Nearly one-third of mobile users who participated in the survey said they liked the mobile web because they have access to all content they are looking for in a single place (32.5%), don’t need to install anything new on their device (23.3%) and don’t need to flip between multiple apps (10.6%).

Although the mobile web provides access to a wealth of information in one place, it doesn’t deliver the functionality and the superior user experience of apps. One out of five respondents indicated that they didn’t like the fact that mobile browsers weren’t as fast as apps.