More Than Two-Third Of Marketers Integrate Mobile In Overall Marketing Strategy

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The effectiveness of a brand’s mobile marketing campaigns rest on the marketer’s ability to follow consumers across screens, monitor the content they consume and track how they engage. The cross-device, multi-channel campaign data, when collected with mobile measurement tools, will give marketers unique insights in consumer behavior, user experience and can be used effectively to deliver a message to a target audience. This is the main conclusion from a study by Netbiscuits (in partnership with Brand Republic), a company that offers cloud-based mobile analytics and device detection software. The “Getting Mobile Right” study also emphasizes the importance of treating mobile as a part of an integrated marketing strategy.

Channel Engagement

Netbiscuits found that about 20% of consumers spend up to 15 minutes per day searching on mobile devices. 50% spend up to 30 minutes on shopping-related activities (discovery, search) per day. In addition, 71% of marketers were using mobile as an integral part of their multichannel brand experience, with nearly 52% using the channel to increase their overall website traffic. About 42% of marketers use the mobile channel to enhance customer brand loyalty among consumers.

Mobile Performance Measurement Tools

While the majority of marketers who participated in the survey are using mobile marketing as an engagement channel, the enthusiasm for the channel has been challenged by a lack of specialized mobile measurement tools. About half of the marketers said they use desktop Web analytic tools to track mobile activities and about 11% rely on agencies or other third parties to monitor results. In addition, about 9% of marketers said a lack of tools makes accurately measuring mobile activities difficult, and approximately 4% said that they can’t measure mobile activity at all. Only 6.3% of marketers said they used marketing automation solutions specifically designed for measuring mobile activity, according to the report. Nearly 12% of marketers admitted that they don’t focus on mobile as a channel.

30% of marketers surveyed revealed that their business could benefit from greater investment and an encouraging 20% said they have decided to continue to invest more mobile marketing measurement tools.

Mobile Strategy

As mobile is becoming an integral part of the purchase process, marketers will have to invest in mobile, concludes the report. Still, up to 20% of the respondents admitted that mobile hasn’t been a priority yet, but that it will be a priority this year. Nearly a third of marketers feel they have covered their mobile strategy basics but could still benefit from more investment. In addition, about 20% of marketers say that they have mobile offerings, like a mobile optimized website, and will continue to invest heavily in mobile marketing.

Mobile Website Plans

62% of marketers plan to incorporate responsive Web design within the next 12 months, according to the report. In addition, 18% plan to include adaptive websites, and another 18% plan to introduce dedicated mobile sites. However, 2% don’t plan on making any mobile improvements.

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