User Contact Information and Support Options Key To A Good Mobile Website and App Experience

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A survey by technology market research firm Vanson Bourne, conducted in February 2016 among 8,000 worldwide mobile users, revealed that mobile users want a good mobile website or app experience more than anything else. For most, that means being able to speak to a “live” person, easily find support options and contact information and perform effective price checking and product comparisons on small mobile device screens.

Mobile User Experience

Nearly half (44%) of participants in the Vanson Bourne survey revealed that finding support options and contact information on a mobile website or app were the most important factors to warrant a good mobile experience. Fast loading pages (17%) and easy readable text and images (16%) were the second and third most important user experience factors. (Full infographic at the bottom)

Mobile user experience

85% of respondents said that after a bad user experience on a mobile website or app they were unlikely or only somewhat likely to do business with the same company again. Nearly three-fourth (72%) indicated they were likely to continue to do business with the same company after a good mobile experience.

Two-thirds of survey respondents revealed that they almost always leave the mobile site or app they are using to use a search engine to get a purchase related question answered rather than staying on the site or app and look for product information or an FAQ. Half of survey participants said they look for customer reviews and nearly a one third (31%) look for video content to get questions answered. If a company’s mobile website or app does not have this content, consumers were more likely to leave and look elsewhere.

More than seven in ten (72%) survey participants reported that they had abandoned a mobile website or app at some point in the last year because support and contact information was too difficult to find. Nine in ten (91%) said they agreed that there should always be a way to contact a real person during any mobile website or app visit to answer questions.

Mobile Website and App Contact and Support Options

Slightly more than half (53%) of the survey participants said that they almost always look for an FAQ when they arrive on a retailer’s mobile website or app. Unfortunately only 24% of the FAQs were very successful in answering their questions, according to the survey.

Mobile website and app users are likely to use a variety of methods to contact companies. The vast majority (79%) of users regularly use their smartphone phone, 71% use their email and 41% use the website contact form to contact companies. Texting/SMS (43%), live chat (32%) and social media (30%) are other contact options that were frequently used by mobile website and app users. A Chat feature on a mobile website or app to proactively offer help to get user questions answered, was appreciated by 74% of the survey participants.

Mobile Ecommerce

Slightly more than 4 in 10 (44%) survey participants indicated they often or always use their mobile devices to purchase products or services online. Seven in ten (71%) reported that they would spend more money on online purchases via their mobile devices if one or more issues they were concerned about were to be addressed. The most commonly desired features, reported by 35% of the survey participants, was the ability to more easily compare products on a mobile device. This is a difficult challenge to overcome given the screen size of most mobile devices.

When participants in another, similar study by InMobi, in 2015, asked US mobile users about the most helpful mobile retail website and app features, price checking was the top response, cited by nearly two-thirds of respondents. Checking item availability and comparison shopping ‒ which often goes hand-in-hand with checking out prices ‒ were the second and third most helpful features.

One-third (33%) of the survey participants in the Vanson Bourne survey also revealed that if their confidence in the security of ecommerce websites and apps would increase they would most likely spend more on online purchases. The security issue may be a challenge for businesses to overcome because security issues can originate within the mobile devices themselves, as well as companies’ websites and mobile apps.

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