Users Want Mobile Apps And Sites With Personalization And Faster Payment Systems

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Mobile website and app performance, functionality and content are key to a positive user experience. Two recent surveys by SiteCore and Nielsen highlight the website performance attributes Internet users want to see in mobile apps and websites in the future. The surveys reveal that users want mobile apps and websites that are more personalized and possess faster payment methods. Mobile shoppers want to use mobile optimized websites with clear product images.

Experience management platform Sitecore and market research firm Vanson Bourne surveyed 4,500 Internet users ages 18 and older about their future expectations for mobile experience. One-third of respondents said they want more personalized mobile websites and apps and faster payment systems. Other top-5 Internet user experience expectations included: ordering “on the move” with faster delivery (27%), mobile apps/sites that can adapt and react to location (25%) and instant, real-time online customer service (22%).

In a similar survey, but now primarily focused on mobile shopping, Nielsen found that nearly two-thirds of mobile users (62%) want to be able to see product images on their smartphones when they browse store catalogs. Almost half (48%) of smartphone shoppers said that using the mobile-friendly version of a website is important for their online shopping experience.


Shoppers also indicated that being able to view detailed product descriptions (44%), read product reviews (44%) and compare prices (44%) are imported attributes for a good user experience. Only 10% of respondents would prefer to use a shopping app from their favorite retailer rather than their mobile site. Nielsen surveyed 3,734 US mobile commerce users ages 18 and older during Q4 2015.