Amazon, WordPress, Google and Mailchimp Top Most-Trusted SMB Brands

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B2B social network Alignable has recently rated Amazon the most trusted brand for small and medium-size businesses (SMB’s) in North-America. Alignable generated the trust ratings from ratings and reviews they collected from more than 15,000 SMB’s. Alignable also found that SMB’s favor WordPress, Google, and Mailchimp, but dislike Yelp,, Yext, and Yellow Pages. Obviously, a high brand rating is important to brands because it increases their ability to generate more revenue.

Top-10 Trusted SMB Brands

Digital marketing-related brands, including WordPress, Google, LinkedIn, and Instagram, were all rated in the Top-10 Trusted SMB Brands. WordPress has been a well-trusted brand among SMB’s for years. It offers a free, stable and easy-maintainable open source CMS software platform with a large dedicated support community of free and paid services. It is no surprise that WordPress has carved out a dominant position among CMS-based small business websites (SMB). Online security service CodeGuard estimates that 78.8% of CMS-based small business websites were built on WordPress. Google’s favorable trust brand rating was primarily based on the fact that its advertising services are reliable, relatively easy to set-up and maintain.

Least 10 Trusted SMB Brands

SMB’s in North-America have an unfavorable opinion of digital marketing firms Yelp,, Yext, Yellow Pages, Angie’s List and Groupon, according to Alignable’s ratings. Most of these services have been sold very aggressively in a competitive local digital marketing and have not met the expectations of SMB’s.

Yelp. The bottom rating of Yelp should be no surprise. Yelp has long had challenges from SMB’s that were unhappy with the results of its community-sourced reviews, which have been accused of being highly subjective. There is also anecdotal evidence that many business owners hold negative views of Yelp or harbor conspiracy theories about review manipulation for ad-sales purposes.

Groupon.  From the day it launched Groupon has been battling with extremely high expectation it never was able to meet. Over the years many SMB’s complained about poor returns on their discounts and Groupon sales reps that used shake-down tactics to get them to sign up, which has led to a questionable reputation.

ReachLocal. Another company that is currently “trending” in the 10 Least Trusted Segment is ReachLocal. This company and others, including Yext, Advice Local, and YP, are often automated set-and-forget services that did not meet SMB’s expectations. For years ReachLocal has been battling massive churn rates, at some point reaching 100%. Churn is the percent of clients that cancel their accounts after a campaign.

Category Satisfaction Ratings

Within the Top-10 Trusted SMB Brands, only 5 brand categories out of 22 were represented. They are: Digital Marketing: 40% (LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, Amazon); Website: 10% (WordPress); Shipping Services: 10% (FedEx); Payments: 20% (PayPal, Square) and Email Marketing: 10% (Mailchimp).

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