Most SMBs Devote Little Time To Facebook Marketing, But Want Big Results

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For many small business owners (SMBs) Facebook marketing has not lived up to expectations, particularly when it comes to metrics like return on investment (ROI). To find out why online marketing resources platform Manta conducted a survey among 4,500 SMBs in the US with fewer than 10 employees. They found that 49% of SMBs they surveyed had a Facebook Page for their business and that only half (50%) were seeing a positive ROI. More than half (58%) of those that had a Facebook Page were spending less than one hour a week on Facebook marketing. Manta reported that 10% of SMBs with Facebook Pages devoted 10+ hours a week to Facebook marketing, 5% 6-10 hours, 12% 3-5 hours and 16% 3-5 hours.

The top-5 Facebook marketing goals for the SMB’s participating in the Manta survey were: raising awareness, cited by 72% of participants, acquire new customers 63%, generate website traffic (44%), generate phone calls (43%) and retain current customers (36%).

SMB Facebook Marketing

Why is a positive Facebook ROI so hard to accomplish for SMBs? The reality is that many SMB’s have been slow putting in the time to understand and master the full capabilities of the Facebook platform. And spending less than 6-10 hours a week on Facebook page management is not enough to drive optimal ROI results. In addition, marketers still find measuring ROI to be their toughest challenge. According to April 2016, research by social analytics solutions firm Simply Measured, well over half of survey participants indicated they had a hard time figuring out how much return they were getting on their social efforts.

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