Paid Advertising On Social Networks Accounts Now For 83% Of Marketers’ Social Spending

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The push by social networks to monetize social media is working. Paid advertising on social media platforms now accounts for 83% of marketers’ total social spending, according to Forrester Research. The research firm conducted a survey that shows that ads that are served natively on social networks perform better than those serviced on other web properties via DSP’s.

In the new report, titled “It’s Time To Separate Social From Media,” Forrester analysts Nate Elliott and Richard Joyce claim that Facebook is leading all other social networks in terms of ad performance.


In the report Forrester revealed that paid advertising now accounts for 83% of marketers’ total social spending, as it becomes harder to reach users on those social platforms through organic social media. When it comes to ad performance 78% of marketers acknowledged that they were very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with the performance of Facebook ads. For LinkedIn that number was 68%; for Twitter it was 66% and for YouTube it was 65%.

As it has become more difficult to reach an audience organically Facebook is benefitting from this more than any other social network. More than four out of five marketers (82%) are paying for Facebook ads to reach their audiences, compared with 62% on Twitter, 50% on YouTube and 31% on LinkedIn. The full (paid) report can be downloaded here.