What 5 Unicorns Pitched To Early Investors. Would You Have Invested In These Companies?

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Pitching is an art form in the startup world and nailing a pitch to early investors is just a first step on a long journey. CB Insights, a firm that provides research services and tools for those involved in venture capital, private equity and investment banking, looked back at what 5 startups pitched to their early investors before they became multi-billion dollar companies. CB Insights gathered the early pitch decks of AirBnB, now with a private valuation of $28 billion, LinkedIn, with a market cap of $28 billion, Buzzfeed ($1.5 billion), AppNexus ($1.2 billion) and YouTube, acquired by Google in 2006 for $1.6 billion.

A 10-slide deck from AirBnb shows how the company pitched the opportunity, market validation and size, revenue model, unique value proposition, marketing plan and scalability strategy to potential investors. Today, AirBnB has a private market valuation of $28 billion, which is greater than the public capitalization of Mariott, Starwood, Expedia, Wyndham and HomeAway together, according to CB Insights.

To view 4 more early pitch decks by Buzzfeed, LinkedIn, AppNexus and YouTube visit the CB Insights website.

AirBnB startup pitch deck