Marketers Understand The Importance Of Using Data, But Half “Trust Their Gut” On Marketing Spend

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Marketers recognize the importance of data, but aren’t widely using it to make informed decisions, according to a recent Adobe Systems survey conducted among 1,000 marketers in the US. Adobe found that 76% of marketers agree that they should use data more widely in their daily work, but half said they would rather “trust their gut” to guide their decisions on where to invest their marketing budgets. Only two in five said they have used consumer and user behavior data to shape their marketing strategy in the past 12 months, but 45% plan to use more data in the next 12 months.

Digital marketers and big data

The Future Role Of The Marketer

Nearly two-thirds of marketers expect their role to change in the next year, and 81% believe their role will change in the next three years. While 40% of survey participants stated that they need to adapt to their changing role and reinvent themselves, only 14% of those marketers actually know how to go about it. Lack of training in new digital marketing skills, the absence of internal career development programs and organizational inability to adapt are cited as key obstacles to becoming the marketers they want to be.

The majority of marketers (76%) agree they need to be more data-focused and ROI-driven to succeed in the future. Slightly more than half of marketers surveyed feel they need to take more risk and not wait using new technologies till they become mainstream.

When asked to prioritize one marketing tactic that will be most important to their company’s marketing moving forward, one-third ranked personalization as the number one priority. 61% of marketers cited social media as the most critical marketing vehicle to focus on a year from now, followed closely by mobile at 51%.