Neglecting Website User Experience Can Significantly Impact Site Traffic And Sales

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When website visitors don’t get a good user experience ‒ whether because the site doesn’t provide up-to-date and accurate website content or because it is poorly designed or not mobile-friendly ‒ it can significantly impact site visits and sales. This is one of the key findings from a Vistaprint survey among 1,800 US consumers who have visited small business websites.

Website User Experience

The survey revealed that roughly half of the participants would most likely be left with a bad impression if a website had outdated contact information. Surprisingly, a bad mobile experience, most likely due to the lack a mobile-friendly design, bothered only 17.8% of the consumers polled by Vistaprint. In addition, nearly one-quarter complaint about fonts that were too hard to read. This may also include gray text on a white background, a practice still used by many web designers.

Other critically important content attributes highlighted in the survey, and that would contribute to a positive website user experience, are messaging, such as the business’ value proposition, and up-to-date and accurate website content. Nearly 70% of survey participants cited that up-to-date and accurate content was the most important factor that generated a positive user experience. Full infographic at the end of the post.

User experience

A professional website appearance also contributes to a positive user experience, according to the 27.7% of consumers participating in the Vistaprint survey. A mobile-friendly website was appreciated by 21.5%. Early 2016 roughly 50% of small businesses surveyed by Yodle and Research Now reported that they had a mobile-optimized website, and we may expect that this share has grown significantly over the past year. 

Ultimately, a bad user experience can affect whether or not consumers make a purchase. In fact, nearly 60% of consumers surveyed by Vistaprint said they would be less likely to purchase something from a small business based on a bad impression of its website.

Website Content and Appearance

Based on the survey data collected by Vistaprint nearly one-third of consumers felt that content starts to get outdated when it hasn’t been updated in more than 6 months. In fact, 25% of survey participants considered website content that hasn’t been updated within a month outdated.

But frequent content updates are not only important for achieving a positive website user experience. In order for a website to rank well in the localized Google organic search results, it must include frequently updated local service or product pages, optimized with the relevant keyword(s), city and state name in the page title and page content. Indexable (text) NAP data (business name, address and local phone number) on every website page are also important to achieve high rankings. 

The Vistaprint survey also revealed that poor and unprofessional site design negatively impacts site visits and sales. Vistaprint found that 42% of survey participants were not very likely to visit or purchase products from a poorly designed website and 21% said they would not at all likely to do so.

Website user experience